January 13, 2013 (Sea Day)

January 13, 2013 (Sea Day)

On this day we took in a cooking class where we learned how to make a lobster salad and a crème brulee from the Le Cirque restaurant in Manhattan and served onboard the ship in the specialty restaurant called The Pinnacle.

We took a tour of the kitchen on board the ship where 96 crew members prepare all the meals throughout the ship. On a weekly basis guests consume 8,500lbs of meat, 3,814lbs of poultry, 1,875lbs of fish and 2,575lbs of seafood. They also use 18,000 eggs, 750lbs of sugar, 2,850lbs of flour and 4,750lbs of potatoes. It is amazing to see how a kitchen of this magnitude operates not to mention the dishwashing areas and bakery where all of the fresh breads and desserts are made.

Speaker Jon Bailey finished up his series on musicals with Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “South Pacific”. Jon tried to show how this again was a reflection of the times. The musical shows us how we perceive those who are different than ourselves and how we think of them. All these old show tunes make Kent weepy.

We had dinner in the Italian Specialty restaurant with several friends. Included with the dinner was a large dinner plate of pink cotton candy that arrived at the table between the entrée and the dessert course. The food was excellent and the portions were very large. Luckily the scale in the gym has not been working when we are at sea and the ship is in motion. Hopefully the damage is not too bad yet. The entertainment this night was a variety show featuring the comedian Joe Yannetty and the violinist Alwyn Wright who both had performed earlier in the week.

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  1. Kent and Mark
    I have been reading about your marvelous trip. I look at the blog every week. Marvelous notes, Mark. You are doing a good job. It is good that your guide’s name is Barbara and that must make you think of me. !!!!!

    Freezing rain sleet late last night and temp went to 14 degrees. Today no sun and temps in the low 20’s.

    I have been working on the computer today with a VP from EIU who is preparing a letter of nomination for me for an honorary degree. It’ll land in the bottom dfrawer of the committee, but I am proud Jeff, VP Academics likes me enough to submitt something. I really want to get appointed to the BOT this winter at EIU but it seems the Governor only is appointing male members.

    Travel safe. xxxBH

  2. Your writing and descriptions are vivid, clear and with such poise that I am feeling I am there with you! (Do you see me?) I am amazed at the variety of educational speakers and sessions that you have had in such a short time! You will come back like wikipedia. Thanks for being so thorough with this blog–I am enjoying it with all my heart!

  3. We are really enjoying your blog (with excellent pictures too)! Glad the trip is going well.

    It was great to see you prior to your departure.

    ed and warren

  4. Hi guys,
    Good to hear that the trip is off to such a great start. Looking forward to your next entry. Have you left South America yet?

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