February 19, 2013 Sea Day

February 19, 2013  Sea Day

This morning’s Good Morning Amsterdam guest was Matt, the onboard Sommelier who is a very tall South African gentleman. Whenever we passed him in the hallways he seemed to have no personality but at the show this morning he seemed very personable.

We attended a lecture by Bill Crews on: South Australia and the Federation. Here we learned the history of the discovery and settlement of South Australia. This area of Australia is very dry and not very conducive to farming. The area has some natural minerals including gold and copper. Germans settled here in 1839 and remain there today in the town of Hahndorf, which we will visit tomorrow.

We enjoyed a lunch with Jenn who is a young lady in her late 30’s traveling with her 80-year young cousin Mary Ruth. Jenn lives in Pennsylvania and left her job, boyfriend and life to take the cruise with Mary Ruth, who lives in Kentucky. Jenn is one of the youngest passengers on the ship and is hoping to meet some fun people.  We are happy to take her under our wings!

Food—Food on the ship is pretty good, although there are some who complain.  Kent has limited his breakfast to cereal, fruit and juice.  Mark needs a fuller meal like waffles and apples with syrup, followed by eggs and a side of ham.  For lunch, Kent has a soup or salad while Mark has something with fries, along with dessert.  We don’t go for Tea often, but if we do, there are more calories in the sweet and savory treats.  At drinks there are nuts, appetizers and other stuff for our enjoyment.  For dinner Kent has an appetizer, soup or salad followed by chocolate from the Explorer’s Lounge.  Mark usually has all 4 courses.  Who gains weight?  Kent.  As you can see from some of our photos, we have packed on a few pounds….Kent more than Mark.  Our pants still fit, but there is a hangover!  Guess we will have to give up the midnight buffet!

Tonight’s entertainment was a variety show by the Aussie Boys and Simeon Wood who have both performed on recent nights.