March 26, 2013 Sea Day

March 26, 2013  Sea Day

It was the second of three sea days with little going on. Speaker Joe Daley spoke on Zheng He – The Most Famous Explorer You Never Heard About. Zheng He was a Chinese explorer in the early 1500’s about the time of Columbus who was a Ming Dynasty Admiral. Zheng had an incredible amount of support from China including an enormous fleet of well built and ships that he used to spread Chinese wares to the world. The ships he had were many times larger than any other ships of the time with much larger crews, water, horses and wares.

We took in the latest James Bond movie titled: “Skyfall” with Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Javier Bardem and Naomi Harris. Not really my cup of tea, it was a bit more of a comedy in my book because of the lack of believability.  Kent loved all the violence!

After the movie, we had lunch with Heidi and Andres, a couple living in Florida with whom we have become friendly.  They are seasoned travelers and some fun.  Andres from Puerto Rico met Heidi when he was in the service in Germany.  They have lots of good stories to tell.

The entertainer this night was Dale Kristien who starred as Christine in The Phantom of the Opera for over five years, mostly in Los Angeles doing eight shows a week. Dale has a beautiful voice and sings so effortlessly. It was a wonderful evening of songs mostly from Broadway musicals.