April 6, 2013 Sea Day

April 6, 2013  Sea Day

The day started off with our usual Good Morning Amsterdam, except that the cruise Director, Bruce, was busy with a disembarkation talk for guests departing tomorrow in Cape Town. In his place was the guest chef, George Geary, who has been onboard for three weeks giving cooking classes and demonstrations. George is gregarious and loves to tell stories of his adventures of cooking around the world.

The morning lecture by Lawrence Kuznetz was titled: Life on Mars from Ancient Perceptions to Today. In his lecture he discussed how the evolution of science has changed our perception about the possibility of extraterrestrial beings in the universe.

In the afternoon George Sranko lectured on: Predators of Africa where he discussed the relationship between all the animals of Africa and how they are interdependent. He talked about animals as small as the dung beetle and how they help to fertilize the land up to the lions, and elephants and how they relate to each other.

We had dinner with our friend Jenn in the Italian specialty restaurant called the Canaletto.