June 15, 2014 Sea Day

June 15, 2014   Sea Day

 It was a quiet sea day to relax before a string of four port days of touring and exploring ashore. We attended a couple of lectures about the upcoming ports of call and what shore excursions were available as well as the things to see and do in the next couple of ports. Kent actually worked out at the gym to enable the consumption of more deserts, while Mark worked on his blog.

The LBGT gathering included a couple of new fellows and six of us decided to dine together in the dining room, then attended the show on the first row to better see the “blossoms” up close!


The evening’s entertainment was a show by the Ryndam singers and dancer’s called Classique. The show included music from Mozart to Manilow showing how classical music and dance has inspired artists of all generations. Most agreed it was one of the best shows we’d seen so far!