June 24, 2014 Sea Day

June 24, 2014   Sea Day

 This was another sleepy sea day with very few activities available onboard. We attended another Mariners cocktail party and luncheon where several folks were recognized with medallions for the number of sea days they had traveled on Holland America Line ships. A gentleman that looked like Santa Claus with long white hair and a beard was recognized for his 804 days at sea. He said he had fourteen more cruises booked! It must be nice.

After cocktails in the Ocean bar we had dinner in the Pinnacle Grill with friends. The food and service is always excellent. One in our group of six guys includes Eddy from Melbourne, Australia. We’re not sure what Eddy, 45, does, because he has mentioned several professions: autistic student teacher, derivatives trader, model, import business manager, gay bar manager, etc. He has lived in many places and is traveling to Hungary to buy investment property with cash in his cabin. He says he is bisexual (we say that means a stop on the way to “gay.”)   He is a real talker (we don’t know what to believe) and knows many people on the ship. All seem to have a nice word to say about him. He is considerate and thoughtful with all in our group. Eddy has bought clothes in almost every port. He says he will donate his old clothes to the orphanage in our last port. He is apparently quite the entertainer in the sauna….if you know what we mean, and is always talking about sex and hooks up in ports after using Grinder.