March 27, 2016 Sea Day

Easter Sunday! This was a sea day with a Sunday mass in the main showroom followed by the broadcast of the Pope’s Easter service from the Vatican. In the Lido restaurant they had large chocolate rabbits on display along with some small chocolate eggs that were quickly snapped up by the guests. I’m missing my See’s chocolates that we normally have at home for Easter. Maybe next year.

The afternoon included a lecture by professor William Morris Welch on how a young man from Scotland drew the world’s attention to the struggle for Corsica’s independence. He discussed some of the history of the Corsican people and how Italy ruled them prior to being ruled by France.

Location guide, David, gave a lecture on things to see and do in the ports of Ajaccio, France and Ceuta, Spain. Then there was a shore excursion presentation on the upcoming three ports of call in Spain. Mark attended the watercolor class while Kent had an ice cream.

The entertainment for the evening was a performance by the Rotterdam singers and dancers titled Dance. We had seen the show twice before but enjoyed seeing it again.