October 4, 2018 – Sea Day

The seas continue to be choppy and at times you need to catch yourself from falling while attempting to walk around the ship. We continued to find fellow travelers with whom we have traveled previously on other extended trips like the 2013 World Cruise or the 2016 Far East Voyage.

The morning show hosted by Jorge, our cruise director, included an interview with Polish performer Kuba who performed on the main stage a couple of nights ago. After the morning show we attended a talk by Ian about the Bush Pilots of Alaska. These small planes are able to take off and land on uneven terrain or even the water in all types of weather making them very versatile in transporting people and supplies to all parts of Alaska.

Guest chef Denise Vivaldo gave a cooking demonstration creating a wilted spinach and arugula salad with an egg on top and a shrimp and corn salsa dish. Both of these dishes looked easy to prepare and the corn salsa was amazingly colorful with red peppers, corn and cheese.

The afternoon included a lecture by Michael Hick about the Pacific Ocean and the many countries and explorers that crisscrossed the Pacific during the late 1800’s. Mark spent a fair amount of time working on jigsaw puzzles in the library listening to lonely elderly women.

After dinner in the dining room we enjoyed the Amsterdam singers and dancers in a performance titled 1000 Steps. The cast of four singers and six dancers did an incredible job as the ship rocked and rolled with the motion of the ocean.