October 5, 2018 – Sea Day

The weather was once again gray and overcast with large swells and plenty of white caps in the ocean. After five days at sea people are anxious to arrive in a port and see land.

The morning show featured the cast of four women who perform as the group called VOCE. They are only a small number of vocalists who perform as the group called VOCE. The entire group consists of about 15 women who perform on ships as well as at community and corporate events around the world. Most of the women come from musical backgrounds like television shows, Broadway/West End shows and commercials and perform with the VOCE group when they are in between gigs. What a wonderful opportunity for these women to all work together.

Ian gave a talk on things to see and do in our port of call Dutch Harbor, Alaska. He spoke extensively about the variety of fishing vessels in the area due to the enormous demand for seafood in the world. The oceans around Alaska are fine fishing grounds for many types of fish and crab including the famous wild salmon.

Spencer in Americas Test Kitchen showed us how to prepare both baked salmon and poached salmon. He made it look so easy to prepare and promised that if we followed the recipe we would have the most delicious and moist salmon.

We have been eating all three of our meals in the dining room as a way of controlling our portions of food. The portions are very reasonable and we have been attempting to make reasonable choices about what to eat so that when we arrive home can still fit into our clothes.

The afternoon included a lecture on the Geo Politics of the Pacific by Michael Hick. He spoke about the games that countries around the world have played over history to control parts of the world or to protect shipping routes.

Mark joined the 5:00 GLBTQ & Friends Meet Up with Kent and several others.  Not too many have joined the hour meeting yet.  We hope others will as time goes by.

The evening entertainment was a young Australian comedian/magician by the name of Bodane Hatten. His act was not particularly new but he was fun and entertaining.