October 12, 2018 – Sea Day

The weather had taken another turn and was cloudy, gray and raining once again.

This day was the first of two sea days before we arrive at the town of Kushiro, Japan. The morning activities included the Morning Show with cruise director, Jorge, interviewing the two guest lecturers. Ian gave a lecture on the upcoming tours that were available for the ports of call between Tianjin, China and Hong Kong. Next came Spencer in America’s Test Kitchen where he prepared Chinese Dumplings (Shu Mai), Shrimp Pot Stickers, Chili Oil and a Soy Ginger Dipping Sauce. The recipes have a variety of ingredients that we don’t normally have at home but they looked very delicious. When we get home maybe I will be brave enough to try making them.

The afternoon included a lecture by Dan Benedict on the Travelers Century Club for travelers who have visited more than 100 countries. The club has very specific criteria as to what constitutes a country on the list. In the case of the U.S. even Alaska and Hawaii can be counted as additional countries due to the separation from the main 48 states. I’m certain that we could join the club with all of the travels that we have done but all it gives you is bragging rights.

Michael Hick lectured on Japan and its unique culture and how it differs from other parts of the world. Japan’s culture is based on relationships whereas north America’s culture is based more on facts. The Japanese are more about family and a collaborative effort in the workplace while north America is more about the individual.

In his free time, Mark continued his work on the jigsaw puzzles with his puzzle ladies and Kent continued reading the news in the Times Digest.

The four female vocalists in the group called Voce performed on the mainstage this night. They all have incredible voices and performed solos as well as group numbers from a variety of musical styles. Opera, Broadway, Judy Garland songs and contemporary songs.