October 30, 2018 – Sea Day

This was a quiet sea day to recover from the past two busy days in Shanghai and to prepare for the upcoming days in port in Japan and Taiwan.

As we were sailing this morning the captain spotted a life raft in the water that we turned around to investigate. The raft was a small black rubber raft with an orange colored tent on top. Luckily no one was found to be in the raft so we brought it aboard and continued our journey onward.

The morning included a lecture by Ambassador Krishna Rajan who lectured further on China and its relationship with India and other Asian Countries.

For lunch the ship served a huge brunch with a sampling of fifteen different items served in three courses. It was a wonderful meal but far more than we would have eaten if we were going to have our normal lunch onboard the ship. Our pants are already starting to get tighter than we would like so we need to start eating less or exercising more.

At 2:00PM the ship’s clocks turned forward an hour as we moved east from China to Japan. Typically, the clocks have been moving back one hour during the night so this was a bit of a change and we lost an hour’s time in the blink of an eye.

The evening’s entertainment was a show featuring the music of Michael Bublé. Three young men from New York had traveled thirty hours to meet the ship and perform for us. They had very nice voices and harmonized well. Some of the songs were familiar to us, while others we did not recognize as Bublé songs.