November 3, 2018 – Sea Day

We had another sea day as we traveled from Taiwan to Hong Kong. The weather was about 70 degrees although mostly cloudy skies.

In the morning we attended the Morning Show with cruise director Jorge who interviewed one of the ship’s crew members who is a deck officer by the name of Eric. He is from the Netherlands and had dreamed of sailing a ship since he was a small boy when his grandmother took him on a ferry ride.

Ambassador Krishan Rajan gave two lectures: one was on Ghandi as the world is about to celebrate the 150th anniversary of his birth. His other lecture was on how Eastern Culture, Faith and Philosophy interact with the age of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence continues to play a huge role in the world and one day might take over more and more of the roles of man. What issues and consequences might this cause in the world? Unknown.

For lunch we dined in the Pinnacle specialty restaurant with our friend Clydie from Florida and a couple by the names of Michael and Nancy from Buffalo, New York. Michael and Nancy have been very kind to us and we have shared many tours with them but sadly they are headed home tomorrow. They do not want to miss the grand babies 2nd birthday party, Thanksgiving and plans for the Christmas holidays.

The evening’s entertainment was a second show by the New York boys group Shades of Bublé.