November 6, 2018 – Sea Day

On this sea day we attended several lectures. The first was by Ian about Make the Most of Your Visit to Nha Trang and Phu My, Vietnam. The second lecture was by a new lecturer by the name of Kate Mead about Vibrant and Varied Vietnam. Kate is from England but has lived for the last 40+ years in Hong Kong. She showed us many slides of Vietnam and tried to prepare us for some of the clothing, food, motor bikes and culture we might find in Vietnam.

In the afternoon we attended a lecture by Captain Thomas G. Anderson called The Box that Changed the World. In this lecture he discussed in detail about how the cargo container has changed the world. He showed many slides about the size of the boxes, the ships that haul them, the shipping docks that load and unload them and how this has changed how we transport goods and materials around the world. He also discussed and showed slides on how these boxes have been used to house the homeless around the world, high end homes that have been built with container boxes as well as commercial spaces that are built with container boxes.

Later in the afternoon, Ian lectured on the Vietnam, Land of Dragons. He showed many slides about life in Vietnam and things we might come across in our travels in Vietnam.

The evening’s entertainment was a celebration of country, folk and rock music presented by the Amsterdam singers and dancers. The performers were great, but the show was not one of our favorites as we did not recognize most of the music.