November 9, 2018 – Sea Day

On this sea day we attended the morning show with cruise director Jorge as he interviewed guest entertainers Andrew Kennedy and Peter Mehtab. They discussed the many missed opportunities of being in show business. The television pilot that never got picked up for Andrew about his family and about Peter performing for the royal family in England.

Ian lectured on our upcoming port of Singapore and Kate Mead lectured on Singapore-A City Garden. Singapore was ruled by one man for more than thirty years and it was his vision to make Singapore a city within a garden. Hence, they have created many wonderful green spaces throughout the city, public park areas, a botanical garden, etc.

We lost an hour’s time as we moved east rather than west which we have mostly been doing. Instead of changing the time in the early hours of the morning and disturbing guests sleep patterns they change the time at 2:00pm.

In the afternoon Kent attended a lecture by Captain Thomas G. Anderson about Sea Power in the 21stCentury while Mark worked on a large puzzle of decorated Christmas cookies.

The evening’s entertainment was an internationally renowned pianist from Shanghai by the name of Tian Jiang. He performed a variety of music from Andrew Lloyd Weber songs to classical Chopin. One of the ladies traveling with the same travel agent as us is a pianist and teaches piano and gave him a standing ovation for his Chopin number.