November 17, 2018 – Sea Day

Another quiet sea day onboard. We had to visit officials from Australia to get clearance to enter the country prior to our arrival in Darwin the following morning.

Ian lectured on all of the things to see and do in Darwin. Kate Mead lectured on Australian Aboriginal Art. Some of the art is face and body painting while others incorporates the painting of dots to create figures. Mark Lax lectured on Darwin Under Attack where he discussed the bombings in February of 1942 by the Japanese. The bombing destroyed much of Darwin only to be destroyed again on Christmas day in 1974 by a cyclone. The cyclone destroyed most of the city and killed many people.

We lost another 90 minutes of time as we moved east so that we would be on the correct time zone for our arrival in Darwin. Kent saw the acupuncturist onboard for the pain in his back and shoulder which is improving but still not right. Mark worked on the community puzzle and worked with the ship’s IT employee to try and get access onboard to his blog site. He had not been able to access it for several days.

The evening’s entertainment was a new show by the energetic group called The Flyrights. The songs they performed included songs from the Drifters, Marvin Gaye, the Isley Brothers and more. Upon returning to our cabin we found another gift. This night’s gift was an international travel adapter for use with foreign countries’ electrical systems.