November 19, 2018 – Sea Day

This was the first of three sea days as we traveled towards our next port of call in Australia at Cairns. Jorge, the cruise directo,r interviewed the Culinary Management Team including the head chef at the Morning Show. Next, speaker Mark Lax spoke on Early Explorers of East Australia before Cook. Mark attended a cake decorating class with Spencer in America’s Test Kitchen. He learned how to make a great chocolate frosting, a butter cream frosting and both a chocolate and white cake.

The ship brought onboard two Australian Ambassadors that were introduced to us. They will be having workshops over the next week or so while we are in Australian waters. They will be giving workshops on crafts, instruments, flags, Aboriginal people and all things Australian.

In the afternoon we had a new speaker by the name of Tim Runyan who lectured on Exploring our Undersea Water World. Tim discussed all things related to diving for ship wrecks around the world.

Mark Lax gave a lecture on the Story of Tea where he discussed how tea is grown, picked, dried and brewed. He discussed the history of tea in many parts of the world and how the demand has changed over time.

The evening’s entertainer was a vocalist by the name of Annie Francis from Australia. Her show featured hit songs from the 1970’s. She has an excellent voice and was well received by the audience.