November 21, 2018 – Sea Day

This was our third and final sea day as we traveled from Darwin to Cairns, Australia. Jorge had cellar master Jacques and Pinnacle maitre’d, Tina, as his guests at the morning show. Tina is the one who spotted the life boat drifting in the sea a few weeks ago and reported it to the bridge. Jacques is from South Africa and Tina is from the Philippines.

Ian lectured on Making the Most of Our Visit to Cairns and Mark Lax lectured on The Great Barrier Reef-World Natural Wonder. Mark discussed how difficult it is to protect the reef with the change in water temperatures, millions of tourists every year; even sun tan lotion in the water affects the reef.

We shared lunch with Andy May, the piano bar pianist. Andy is from Scotland and plays the piano by ear rather than playing from music. He uses a tablet for the words to the songs but he does not need music to play the piano.

In the afternoon guest speaker Tim Runyan gave a lecture on Pirates, followed by a lecture on Navigating at Sea presented by Mark Lax. Kent had another appointment with the ship’s acupuncturist and his knee was improving as he was able to walk better without hobbling along.

The evening’s entertainment was a vocalist comedian by the name of Johnathan Clark. Johnathan has a good voice which he uses to impersonate a plethora of characters from Donald Trump to famous singers. We had seen him previously but he has added a few new twists to his act since we last saw him.