December 4, 2018 – Sea Day

This was a quiet sea day as we made or way to Fiji. In the morning EXC Guide Ian lectured on making the most of our visit to Fiji. This was followed by a lecture by guest speaker Professor David Horner who spoke about Fiji-from Cannibalism to Coups. It is believed that cannibalism ended when the Christian missionaries came to the islands and taught them about the bible. The Europeans also brought pigs and livestock to the islands providing another form of meat for the locals.

In the afternoon guest speaker Dr. Joe Kess spoke about Tonga and the Two Samoas. As is typical when you can’t get along it is sometimes best to separate the whole into two parts and let each country have a piece. In this case the United States got the eastern most island of Samoa with the more favorable port and the western two islands were given to the British.

The evening’s entertainment was a second performance by the couple called X-Over Duo. They had another wonderful show filled with opera, classical music and songs from Broadway musicals like Phantom of the Opera.