December 18, 2018 – Sea Day

The seas were fairly calm and the skies changing between sunshine and scattered clouds. There were continuing swells in the sea creating a constant rolling motion on the ship. This was a vast improvement from the jerking movements onboard prior to our arrival in Hawaii.

On this sea day we attended a Mariner Luncheon where they once again filled us with wine and delicious food. Typically, at the end of a cruise they attempt to show you much gratitude and appreciation prior to the guest survey where you rate your experiences during your cruise. It has been a good cruise but there are a few pet peeves and some room for improvement.

In the afternoon the Indonesian crew put on a show on the main stage where they share with the guests a bit of their culture. They performed several folkloric dances, a musical number with instruments made out of bamboo and a couple of solo songs in their native language. It was a fun show and very well attended by the passengers.

We began our packing trying to figure out how to get all this stuff in our cabin back into our suitcases. Along the way we received many gifts including several different styles and sizes of bags but the more bags we fill the more we have to deal with when we disembark.

The evening’s entertainment was a show by the Amsterdam Singers and Dancers titled The Midnight Hour.

The cabin stewards Pram and Saeff presented us with another unique bag for carrying things. The bag had a map of the Indonesian islands printed on it. Also printed were the names of our cabin stewards and all of the passenger’s names in the cabins they were responsible for maintaining.