December 19, 2018 – Sea Day

This sea day was fairly quiet as folks began packing and preparing for the journey home. Some folks are sad, while others are ready to be home already. A few guests are staying on the ship for the Christmas cruise to Hawaii and then through the Panama Canal to Ft. Lauderdale where the ship will begin the World Cruise.

Ian the EXC tour guide gave a look back at our voyage with photos of our entire journey. Kent attended a lecture with Dr. Joe Kess who talked about Edward Curtis who took early photos of Native Americans. Meanwhile, Mark attended another cooking class in America’s Test Kitchen where Spencer showed folks how to make a Mediterranean dinner. The recipes for this day were lamb meat balls with a yoghurt sauce, a couscous with radicchio and a smooth creamy hummus from scratch.

For lunch we dined with Spencer from the test kitchen, Brian from Virginia, Alan from Tasmania and Steve from New York.  In the afternoon the Philippine crew members put on a show featuring songs and folk dances from their country. One crew member was dressed in a tuxedo on one side and a frilly red dress on the other. He wore a long-haired wig on the side with the dress and a short man’s haircut on other side. As he turned from one side to the other his voice would change from a low voice to a high-pitched voice. The entire show was a lot of fun and was very well received by the passengers.

For dinner we dined with Jeffrey and Madeline from Virginia and Zane, one of the crew members who works with the children onboard.

The evening’s entertainment was a new show by the Alley Cats. They are the acapella group that perform songs from the 50’s and 60’s. They sang a variety of holiday songs as well as the 50’s and 60’s that they are known for. Not as much sparkle as the previous show.