August 16, 2019

Rittner Horn Mountain where we hiked to the tower at the top.

Tower at the top of the Rittner Horn

View from Rittner Horn

Cow on the mountain

Llamas on our hike

Views on our hike

On this morning we headed east from Oberbozen on the train towards the town of Klobenstein. There we transferred to a local bus which took us up the mountain to Pemmern, a ski resort. Once at the ski resort we boarded the enclosed chair lift cars to the top of the chair lift on Rittner Horn. From there the majority of folks took a long hike up the mountain to the top where there were magnificent views of the Alps. The hike up took about 90-minutes. At the top folks enjoyed coffee, beer and snack before heading back down the hill for the 45-minute descent.

Meanwhile a smaller group of three older ladies and Kent were walking a circular trail around the rim of the mountain where they enjoyed the views of the Alps. Their walk took about two-hours in total and they then enjoyed lunch in the only restaurant at the top of the chair lift. When the larger group returned they too had lunch before taking the chair lift back down the mountain.

By this time, it was about 3:00pm and the group once again took alternate routes back to the hotel. Seven of the group were driven back to the hotel by car which only took about fifteen minutes. Twelve of us took off on foot through gorgeous meadows of wild flowers, through tree covered paths and past old homes and inns. Unfortunately, Mark slipped on a wet and muddy rock along one of the paths and took an ugly fall which took his breath away. After a few minutes to catch his breath, he was up and back on the trail to the next stop.

A short distance later we stopped at a local pub where we enjoyed more waters, beers, apple cakes and a home brew of plum schnapps. It was already about 4:30pm by this time and it would have been another 90-minutes to the hotel on foot. Kent and Christine put Mark in a taxi and sent him back to the hotel to rest. It does not appear that he broke any bones but he is moving slowly and his muscles are sore.

Back at the hotel we enjoyed a delicious barbecue dinner prepared poolside for all the guests. First, there was a buffet of fresh vegetables to make a salad of your own as well as pre-made salads like potato salad and coleslaw. Next, came the entrée which included a wide selection of grilled meats like lamb chops, pork, chicken skewers, turkey and zucchini, beef tenderloin and more. Finally, for dessert there was a selection of beautiful fresh berries and fruits, a variety of mousses, cakes, strudel and more.