November 15, 2019 Sea Day

This was our fourth day at sea and our third day without internet service. Frustrating not to have internet service but another guest told us that last year they went for five days without service. If this were the case it would have been nice if they would have warned us prior to the cruise.

Our first activity of the day was a cooking class with chef Georg Paullussen where we learned to prepare a modern version of Tuna Tataki Nicoise. Instead of canned tuna the chef used raw tuna that he seared on the edges. This version incorporated soy sauce and a poached egg rather than a hard-boiled egg. The wine sommelier paired the dish with a light pinot noir red wine that was very light.

Next, we attended Captain Ken Puckett’s lecture on transiting the Panama Canal. He updated us on the next day’s schedule where we were scheduled to take on our pilot about 4:30 am and begin our transit about 5:00am. He discussed how different classes of ships are charged for transiting the canal and the fact that our ship was probably paying in excess of $600,000 to transit the canal. He said that cargo ships and auto transport ships might well pay more than $1,000,000 to transit the canal one way.

We then attended a Disney Nature Film on Penguins filmed in the Antarctic. The film followed one male penguin over the course of a year’s time in which he met a mate, had two male offspring. It was narrated in a humorous way and included spectacular videography both on land and under water.

In the main showroom, Jeffrey Epstein held a behind the scenes interview with the actress Heidi Blickenstaff of the Disney movie Freaky Friday. Heidi had played the part on Broadway before making the movie. She was very down to earth with a good sense of humor. The interview was followed by the screening of the movie. We didn’t really know anything about the movie but it was very sweet with life lessons and a lot of heart and humor. The story involves a mother and daughter who swap bodies for a day and live their lives in the other’s body. They see each other’s lives through the eyes of the other and learn a bit about each other.

The evening’s main show was The Physical Comedy of Heath Hyche. Heath uses stand-up comedy, quick change costumes, original music, sound effects, and cleverly constructed props and scenery to take the audience on a journey through his vivid imagination. He is a bit on the manic side and some of his humor falls flat for me but others seemed to enjoy it.

After dinner in Tianna’s Place we attended a game show called Majority Rules. The game involved small teams who answered questions in hopes of finding the most common answer in the room. If your team has the most common answer you receive a point.

Next, we saw a thirty-minute show by the jump rope group called Flight Crew. Much of the act was similar to the main stage show we previously saw, except for different outfits.