November 27-28, 2019 San Diego to Iguazu Falls, Brazil

Bourbon Resort Hotel

View from our Room

We departed San Diego bound for Houston, Texas, at 1:45pm, arriving in Houston about 7:00pm local time. At 9:30pm we departed Houston for Sao Paulo, Brazil arriving about 10:30am local time. This was a ten-plus-hour flight. Once we arrived in San Paulo it took us nearly two hours to clear customs, claim our luggage and stand in line to re-check our luggage for our final leg of the trip. We departed Sao Paulo about 3:45pm bound for our final destination Iguazu Falls, Brazil, arriving about 5:30pm. The Iguassu airport is very small with one runway and we were the only plane at the airport. It appeared that they were in the process of expanding the airport and adding a second floor with jet ways to allow covered access to the planes. Currently all planes were accessed by walking on the tarmac to your plane and climbing a portable staircase.

Our hotel for three nights was the Bourbon Cataratas Resort situated amid the lush greenery near Iguassu Falls. The hotel is quite large with a ten-story tower of rooms and acres of gardens, pools and single-story buildings. After arriving at our hotel, we joined our group for a welcome dinner in the hotel’s buffet restaurant poolside. The food was beautifully presented and included a salad buffet, main entrees of beef, pasta, chicken, and a dessert buffet. Everything was tasty.

After multiple calls to the front desk to get new batteries installed in our room safe, we were able to retire for the night about 10:00pm. At 1:40am our phone rang with a recorded message in Portuguese but we had no idea what that was all about.