June 7th – 13th, 2022 Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada

Positive Covid Test
Negative Covid Test
Quarantine Meal – Steak, fries, onion rings, carrots
Quarantine Lunch – Soup, Salad, Cookie and Juice

There was the good and the bad about being in isolation or quarantine in a small town like Dawson City. The good news is that we were in a hotel owned by Holland America and they had on staff both a nurse and a paramedic. The bad news is that a small town does not have many flights out of town and it can be difficult to get home after being quarantined.

We also had three meals delivered to our rooms every day. The meals were all edible although not always warm. Breakfast could range from French toast to an egg and ham sandwich on an English muffin. Lunches were sandwiches, chicken, pasta and more. There was a lot of variety for dinner from steak to chicken and pork to pasta. The food was very edible and usually more than we could eat.

If we had gotten caught in a large city like Vancouver we would have had to rely on ordering room service or from a delivery app to eat.

I was tested again for Covid on day three and tested negative again. During our quarantine the US lifted its requirement to have a negative Covid test before entering the country. Therefore, I’m not really certain if I had Covid as well, or not.

On the evening of June13th we were allowed out of quarantine and permitted to resume our normal activities. We went for a walk around town and the air somehow seemed fresher and the flowers more beautiful than before. We were able to secure flight arrangements to travel from Dawson City to Whitehorse and then on to Vancouver on Thursday June 16th.