Thursday June 16, 2022 Dawson City to Vancouver, Canada

Air North Plane
Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
View From our Room at The Fairmont Hotel

We began our journey home on this day from the tiny Dawson City airport where the entire airport is about four-hundred square feet in size. The airport has one check-in counter and the locals all seem to know each other. None of the locals seemed to wear masks or even own one as they were asking for masks at the counter.

Our short seventy-minute flight on Air North from Dawson City took us to the town of Whitehorse where we had a three-hour layover until our next flight. We then took a two-hour flight to Vancouver International Airport where we would spend the night.

Our hotel for the night was the Fairmont Hotel located one floor above the check in counter for the international flights at the airport. A short elevator ride and you are transported to another world. The elegant hotel had spacious beautifully decorated rooms unlike we had seen on this trip. They had a lovely restaurant and lounge with a young woman singing. Many of the rooms, as ours did, overlooked the airport and runway. The hotel was surprisingly quiet given its location above the bustling airport with planes landing and taking off outside.