Wednesday October 12, 2022 Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt Main Train Station
Pizzeria 7 Bello Restaurant
Throwback Photo from 2018 in the Frankfurt Park

This was another quiet morning where we enjoyed the buffet breakfast in our hotel and caught up on emails. 

In the afternoon we walked in the park that wraps around the old city center enjoying the many sculptures, fountains, lakes and children’s play areas. Many locals enjoy the park with the children or take a lunch break in the park before returning to work. The park is busy with bicycles, scooters, dog walkers, baby carriages and walkers. People of every age range can be seen enjoying the park. 

For an early dinner we decided to try a small Italian restaurant very near the main train station called Pizzeria 7 Bello. Our student Johannes said that it is one of the best places in the city for Italian food. When we arrived the very small dining room was not particularly busy but within ten minutes you could hardly get into the door. The entire restaurant only has about six large tables with stools around them and every one of them was soon surrounded by as many people as could fit around a table. No matter where you are from, you get pushed into a table with new friends. 

The menu included salads, pizza’s and pasta dishes of all types. One not so friendly waiter makes his way around from table to table taking orders and bringing food and drinks to your table. The waiter is also the cashier. The only other person we saw was a young man making the pizzas. Once we ordered, the food came very quickly and we were so happy that we got in before the major crowd arrived. The food was good and the price was excellent. For a good-sized salad, a decent sized pizza and two soft drinks the total bill was only 17 euros. We woofed down our food and made a quick exit to our hotel before we got claustrophobia.