Friday October 28, 2022 Lisbon, Portugal to San Diego

Our flight home from Lisbon, Portugal departed about 7:20am after a 4:00am wake-up call and a 5:00 bus ride to the airport. The two-hour flight took us to London, England, where we arrived about 10:00am local time. We had a four-hour layover before departing at 2:00pm for San Diego. We enjoyed lunch with two of our traveling companions, Stephanie and Carl from Ramona at a restaurant called Giraffe. We arrived home in San Diego about 5:30pm, exhausted from a long trip and happy to be home. 

Thanks to our friends Ric and Kevin for originally suggesting the trip and for their friendship and fun times together. Thanks to our Program manager, Patricia and Concierge, Lidia for their endless energy and enthusiasm throughout our trip. They kept us going in the right direction, kept us on time, suggested places to see and places to eat. Thanks to our traveling companions for providing humor, stories of their lives and the adventure of travel.