Wednesday September 13, 2023 Scenic Cruising

Countess Lobby and Bar
Countess Dining Room
Countess Perks for Coffee, Cookies, Popcorn and Ice Cream
Countess Library
Countess River Grill
Diana Ross Performer Michaelyn Oby

This day was a quiet day on the river sailing to our next port of call Memphis, Tennessee. They served a buffet brunch with all sorts of fattening things like chicken and waffles, biscuits with bacon and jam, roast beef, sweet rolls and cakes.

The riverlorian gave a brief lecture on the types of armored river vessels that were used during the Civil War. They included metal clad ships, wooden clad ships and also cotton clad ships. They used 500-pound bales of cotton and attached them to the entire exterior of the ships to make them “ironclad.”

Mark spent many hours in the card room working on a 2000-piece puzzle with several other guests. Kent rested up for a busy day tomorrow.

The evening’s entertainment was a tribute to Diana Ross called “Lady Sings Ms. Ross” performed by Michaelyn Oby who joined the ship yesterday. She had a great voice and chronicled popular musical numbers throughout Diana’s life. She made multiple costume changes that were all festive and in theme with something Diana would wear.