January 18, 2013 Sea Day

January 18, 2013 (Sea Day)

David Pasta’s lecture today was titled: “The Most Dangerous Volcanoes on the Earth Rim and the Pacific Ocean” where he discussed deadly stratovolcanoes of the Pacific stretching 20,000 miles along the western and eastern continents as well as the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Something not to give much thought to because we have little control over volcanoes even though they can be devastating and often give little or no notice prior to erupting.

Sandra Millikin lectured on: “Strange Buildings” where she showed slides of weird and wonderful buildings around the world. Some built by famous architects like Gaudi while others were built by unique owners and builders to promote a business or satisfy a whim.

High Tea was served this afternoon with a selection of mini cupcakes in addition to the normal scones, sweet treats, cucumber sandwiches and the like. Six of the gay boys attended the tea.  On her way out, an older lady (93 years old) stopped to ask “where all the ladies were?”  One of our six said:  “Well, we could tell you we are priests, but we’re not…we’re Gay!”  Although that surprised her, she seemed content with the answer and moved on.  They also served chocolate and strawberry milk to wash down the cupcakes, which was a first.

There was an afternoon piano concert by piano virtuoso Nadia Zaitsev who played a variety of classical music. She was excellent and very enjoyable.

The show this evening was call “Vocalize” and was performed by the Amsterdam singers and dancers. The show had a mix of Jazz and Blues standards. The cast has many costume changes and the show is very physically demanding with one musical number after the next.