February 28, 2013 Sea Day

February 28, 2013   Sea Day

Stein Kruse, the CEO and President of Holland America Lines was onboard for several days to celebrate Mariner Appreciation Days. With that, today is one of the quietest days onboard that we have had because many of the cruise staff were busy with special events.

Prior to dinner Mr. Kruse hosted a cocktail party with an open bar to honor a few crewmembers who had served the company for 20 to 48 years of service. They received rings, mantle clocks and special gifts.

A formal gala dinner was served in the dining room with escargots, lobster, shrimp and all of the guests’ favorite foods. Following dinner we attended a show in the Queen’s Lounge by a group called Rockapella. They performed mostly Motown and soul hits. This vocal group of five men uses no instruments, but instead, relies on their voices alone to create the music. One of the five does nothing but create drum like sounds, while the additional four, each with a different range, sings and adds additional sounds. It was a very interest experience.

Once we arrived back at our cabin we found a special gift on our pillows from Mr. Stein and his wife. The gift was a Tiffany crystal bowl perfectly wrapped in the hopefully familiar blue box with white ribbon and placed in the matching blue bag with white cord handles.