March 3, 2013 Sea Day

March 3, 2013  Sea Day

The Good Morning Amsterdam show featured Tina, one of the young ladies who works in the Pinnacle restaurant. Tina is from Indonesia and prepared all of the meals for guest who ate in the Indonesian restaurant last night. She also acts as chef for several special dinners in the Pinnacle restaurant when they feature Indonesian dinners.

Barbara, our Travel Guide, discussed things to do and see in the upcoming port of Puerto Princesa and Manila in the Philippines.

A new lecturer by the name of Dr. Aidan Cooper is onboard and lectured about life on coral reefs today. Aidan is an Associate Research Fellow in the Department of Geography at the Birkbeck College, London University as well as a Consultant to the BBC Natural History Unit. His principal interests are in oceanography, island eco-systems and tropical rainforests in South East Asia. He discussed all aspects of a coral reed as well he showed some wonderful slides of coral animals and fish.

Aileen Bridgewater shared her interview with the Dalai Lama and what a fascinating man she found him to be. She says that there is still controversy today in Hong Kong when discussing matters of the Dalai Lama and Tibet.

Kent had quite an interesting visit with one of our gay Japanese friends on board.  He is an older “chubby chaser” and was interested in sharing some of his personal videos.  Kent learned a lot!  Nothing more to say!

The entertainer on this evening was a woman by the name of Hilary O’Neil who is a comedian and vocalist from England. She was quite entertaining including her impersonation of Dame Edna.