March 22, 2013 Sea Day

March 22, 2013  Sea Day

This morning’s Good Morning Amsterdam shows guest was Char, the future cruise consultant, who books future cruises for guests onboard. Her desk is busy most everyday with folks booking their next cruise or making sure that they are booked on next year’s world cruise in the cabin they want.

Robert Schrire’s lecture was titled: The Future-Doom or Gloom, where he discussed if humankind has a future in a world of terrorism, the rise of China, and climate change. With the increase in population in many parts of the world, pollution and the lack of water, what lies ahead? Will we have wars over water rather than land? Will countries like China demand a larger role in the world?

For lunch we met up with some of our fellow travelers from San Diego in the dining room to catch up and see how everyone was doing. We shared stories about our favorite things and what we were looking forward to.

There were two movies on this day with Hitchcock in the movie theater and Lincoln playing in the evening on the big screen in the Queens Lounge. This was a formal night dinner with Prom Night as the theme. The dining room was adorned in hot pink and blue drapes, streamers, napkins and flowers. After dinner there was a dance in the Crow’s Nest Bar for those who wanted to dance. The bar was decorated extensively in pink and blue streamers, balloons and fabric. As part of the party they awarded one couple prom king and queen.