March 25, 2013 Sea Day

March 25, 2013  Sea Day

This is the first of three sea days as we head to the Seychelles and it is the most likely place of our voyage where we might encounter pirates. In preparation of that fact, razor wire was installed around deck three yesterday while we were in port and water canons were put in place as well. This morning we had a drill to prepare for the unlikely event of a pirate attack. We were asked to move to interior hallways, away from any windows and to sit down on the floor in the event the captain needs to make any radical maneuvers to get away from the pirates. Moving away from the windows is in the event they are shooting at the ship.  Being in the interior areas, you would be out of harms way. Hopefully we will not encounter any pirates on our journey.

Today’s Good Morning Amsterdam guests were two of the front desk supervisors, one from Germany and the other from the Philippines. This morning, Barbara our travel guide presented thing to see and do in Nosy Be (Big Island), Madagascar. Otherwise it was an extremely quiet day without any guest lecturers. Kent caught up on his daily New York Times news briefs and Mark spent a good part of the day working on a puzzle in the library.

Nasty People—Fellow Passengers:  Most people on the cruise are nice, friendly and courteous.  However, there are those who are the opposite.  Some folks feel entitled.  They always want to sit on the front of the bus; want to get to the head of any line; make inconsiderate comments to fellow travelers, like:  “I don’t want you on my bus!”  Some refuse to acknowledge you when you pass them in the hallways; some leave their snot rags on common tables; some shout to those giving standing ovations to performers that “I can’t see!”  The “puzzle Nazi” feels she must control who works on and places puzzle pieces.  There are those people at dining tables who ask their table mates to leave their tables because we “don’t want you here.” Some fight for the cheesecake in the lounge and others fight over answers to Trivia and sports competitions where Dam dollars are given.  On it goes.  These are adults? Can’t we all just get along?

The night’s entertainer was a Texas comedian and impersonator by the name of Jeff Burgh art. He was working very hard but the audience was not responding much and he only performed for about 30 minutes instead of the usual 45 minutes. We did not care for his routine much but we stayed for the entire show.