April 22, 2013 Sea Day

April 22, 2013  Sea Day

This morning our Travel Guide, Barbara, presented: Things to See and Do in Devil’s Island. David Smith lectured on Editing Your Travel Images where he discussed how to adjust the color of your photos, enhance your photos and crop them.

We shared lunch in the dining room with friends Ken and Fred and Dennis and Robert. Afternoon Tea featured an array of cupcakes and other treats today.  Alec joined Kent for the cupcakes.

In the afternoon David Smith’s wife Anna presented a lecture on Exotic Fabrics of the World. Anna spoke and showed photos of exotic fabrics from Asia, South Pacific, Africa, Central America and Europe. She loves to quilt and sew and travels the world exploring the decoration of hand made fabrics from different cultures.

The evening’s entertainment was a program called Noteworthy Nuances performed by the Amsterdam Orchestra. The orchestra consists of six members; Chris Walton the drummer, Jake Stimmel the electric guitar player, Andre Lyles the bassist, Chris Whitely the Saxaphonist, Greg Gibson the keyboard player and the Music Director, Irving Brown, who is also the pianist.

Sickness—many of our fellow passengers have been suffering with severe colds and coughs.  We have avoided this round of sickness until now.  However, Kent is developing symptoms of a cough.  In January, both of us had colds and hoped we were through with the sick thing.

Cruise Blues—many of our fellow passengers are NOT ready for this four-month cruise to be over and are experiencing the “cruise blues.”  They are making special luncheon dates, taking photos of fellow passengers and preparing for the separation from the cruise life.  Others….on the other hand, seem to be ready and are enjoying the moment, but are planning to return home and to reality.  The next few ports don’t have too much to offer and are not those ports people are looking forward to, so both groups may be a little bored with the remaining ports and sea days.