May 1, 2013 Going Home!

May 1, 2013  Going Home!

I am sad to say that we had our last breakfast in the dining room before gathering our belongings and heading home. After disembarking the ship later than expected we found that the luggage was not arranged as orderly as usual. Typically the luggage is neatly arranged in color-coded sections so it is easy to find and be on your way. However, with all the luggage the crew had to deal with after a world cruise, some bags were where they should be and others were nowhere to be found. Kent and I headed out in different directions checking row after row of bags in a huge room of bags, afraid that we might miss our flight if we could not find our bags. At last our bags were found and we were on our way to customs, then checking our bags with Federal Express for the trip home, before getting a cab to the airport. Our trip home was a long and indirect one, as we had to fly to Newark from Ft. Lauderdale before catching a flight to San Diego. I am not that good with my geography but I don’t believe that Newark is on the way to San Diego from Ft. Lauderdale. All is well that ends well. We made our flights on time, arriving home by early evening, ready to get back to normal.

As a summary, it was an incredible opportunity and I am grateful that we had the opportunity to experience it at least once in our lifetimes… far! The places we saw and the people we met were extraordinary and I would do it all over again. If and when? one never knows.

If you have been following our adventures, please know that we are home safe and hope to catch up with you in the near future.