March 7, 2016 Sea Day

This was another quiet relaxing sea day. The morning brought us a lecture by Valerie Mock on spices and how the exploration of spices led to the exploitation of many Asian lands. Spices today are still an important export of Indonesia and a significant part of the economy.

We then had lunch in the dining room with our friend Tom and one of the engineers onboard named Rabina and her girlfriend, Inge. The afternoon included a lecture by Bill Crews on the final voyage of the Emden, a German war ship destroyed in the Indian Ocean during WWI. We were not familiar with this ship but it evidently destroyed many other ships in the sea before finally being destroyed by an Australian naval ship.

Mark attended the watercolor class while Kent chatted with Charlie Vose, a singer on board, and attended the Indonesian Tea in the dining room. The evening’s entertainment was a comedian and violinist named Dave Levesque. Not good!