March 25, 2016 Transit the Suez Canal

About 4:30am we pulled up the anchor and began our convoy through the Suez Canal along with a number of other ships. Since we were transiting the canal for most of the day there were no scheduled activities planned. Most folks were out on deck or in the crow’s nest to take photos as we transited the canal. By 2:00pm we had completed our passage through the canal and were then in the Mediterranean Sea.

In the afternoon we attended a shore excursion lecture for several upcoming ports. Mark attended the watercolor class and then we enjoyed a movie titled The Big Short in the movie theater. The movie was about four denizens in the world of high finance who predicted the credit and housing bubble of the mid-2000’s and starred Christian Bale, Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling.

The evening entertainer was a man by the name of Andy Bunger from Germany who is a multi instrumentalist who played several horns, the drums, the flute and more.