November 12, 2018 – Sea Day

On this sea day we attended several lectures. The first was by the shore excursion office informing us about the upcoming shore excursions available in Australia. Next up, Ian gave us information on our upcoming port of call, Semarang, Indonesia.

In the afternoon we had a lecture by Kate Mead on Indonesia, the Spice Island. Kate lectured on the spices of Indonesia but also the local fruits and rice that is grown in Indonesia.

Next, was a lecture by a new speaker, Mark Lax, on Indonesia: Land of Seventeen Thousand Islands. Mark’s lecture covered many aspects of Indonesia including the spices, batik fabrics, the people and the religion.
For dinner there was a special Makansutra Dinner in the Lido featuring the local foods you might find in the food stalls of Singapore. They had dim-sum, noodle dishes, fish dishes, rice, all types of exotic fruits, salads, and much more.

The evening’s entertainment was a three-person group called The Flyrights. They energetically performed hits from the Temptations, the Four Tops, Nat King Cole, Lionel Ritchie and more. They were excellent and very well received by the crowd.