November 29, 2018 – Sea Day

While in Sydney we said farewell to most of the current entertainers and guest speakers, so we welcomed onboard a new batch of speakers and entertainers for this final leg of our trip to Los Angeles.

On this sea day the seas were still filled with many white caps and the ship was moderately rocking from side to side. Fortunately, as the day progressed the seas began to subside.

The morning included a talk by EXC Tours manager Nyron and EXC Guide Ian on the shore excursions offered in the Pacific Islands we will visit over the next three weeks. Later in the morning, guest speaker David Horner lectured on Traders & Explorers: European Adventures in the Pacific. Over the centuries there have been countless explorers who have explored many of the islands in the Pacific hopping from one island to the next. Often these explorers were sent out to find undiscovered lands or were set off course by trade winds and found new lands by accident.

In the afternoon guest speaker Dr. Joe Kess lectured on Peopling the Pacific where he discussed the migration of people from the western shores of the Pacific to the south and east populating islands across the Pacific as they went.

There was an afternoon performance by the “Unusualist,” Raymond Crowe whose performance was cancelled from the previous night because of the severe weather. Raymond comes from Australia and has performed all over the world including for the Queen of England. He has a very interesting show including light projected hand puppets, the lost art of silhouette cutting, magic, ventriloquism and humor. Nothing he performed had we seen from any other performer, so it was very interesting.

The evening’s entertainment was a show by the Amsterdam singers and dancers titled “a la Mode.”  This show is one that we saw in 2016 when we were on the Rotterdam but it was good none the less. The cast of singers and dancers work very hard and does a good job.

After the show we saw a documentary on the comedy and biography of the actor, comedian Robin Williams. It was interesting although he seemed to struggle with being accepted and had his share of ups and downs.