David and Carole Cujak’s Wedding Anniversary

In honor of what would have been my parents 64th wedding anniversary I share a few photos of them together from their wedding day August 10, 1957 to a photo of my parents at my wedding reception January 18th 2014. We lost my mother in October of last year and we miss her dearly.

Wedding Day August 10, 1957
Formal Portrait Studio
It’s a party!!
1978 Philadelphia Street house in Whittier, CA.
Wedding of Dennis Cujak and Donna Gwynne 1981.
25th Wedding Anniversary in 1982 at the house on Philadelphia Street in Whittier, CA.
25th Anniversary Toast in 1982.
50th Wedding Anniversary on a Holland America cruise to Alaska 2007.
Another World!!
Mark’s Wedding Reception in San Diego, CA January 2014.