Monday October 10, 2022 Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt Opera House
Chocolate Department at the local Department Store

We were recovering from our Jet Lag and had a very quiet and uneventful day. We were late to get up and moving in the morning and spent the middle of the day walking in the park areas around downtown as well as in the pedestrian shopping areas. 

Graffiti seems to be everywhere in town from the facades of office buildings to the subway stations. The people appeared to be from all over the world. Asians, to Muslims, Germans to Indians and everything in between. We even saw a young mother with her three young children, maybe aged 3 to 8 smoking on vape pipes. So sad to see. 

The department stores and shops were filled with beautiful merchandise and the pedestrian only streets were overflowing with people. There were no signs of a recession or concerns about spending money. You would think that Covid was in the distant past as masks were few. Not even shopkeepers or store employees were wearing masks.

While we were in a department store we were amazed at the size of the chocolate department. They had a huge department of just boxes of all sorts of European chocolates in every shape and flavor imaginable. Not sure if Germans just love their chocolates or if they were preparing for the upcoming holidays. There seemed to be a steady line at the cash register. 

For dinner we walked just a couple of blocks from our hotel to a luxuriously appointed Indian restaurant called Tandoori Taj. Every table had freshly pressed immaculately white linen table cloths with matching napkins. The light fixtures, wallpaper and furnishings were first class. We had a delicious dinner similar to something we might find at any Indian restaurant at home. Samosa’s, lamb Rogan Josh and Mango chicken curry with rice.