Thursday October 27, 2022 Lisbon, Portugal

Kevin, Kent, Ric and Mark
Mark and Ric
Mark, Kent and Ric
Mark, Kent and Ric

This was a free day for us to explore the city on our own. Kent stayed in the hotel room to rest as he is still recovering from his fall from the bus in Madrid. Mark took a free shuttle from the hotel with Miriam and Paul to the city center. Once in the city center we explored some of the shopping streets and walked along the waterfront. We stopped at an outdoor coffee stand for coffee and a banana bread. After a rest we stopped in at a currency museum where they display all types of currency from around the world. The security was very tight at the museum as they have all types of valuable coins, bills, gold bars, etc. from all over the world and from hundreds of years ago until today. They showed how coins are pressed from sheets of metal and how paper for bills is produced and then printed. It was all very interesting. 

We had an early dinner with six of our fellow travel companions at the same Italian restaurant that we had dinner in last night. It was early to bed as we have a 4:00am wake up call.