January 10, 2016 Sea Day

This morning was a port lecture on the next several ports of call and the places and things to explore on your own. This was followed by a lecture on six types of sea turtles around the world. In the afternoon we enjoyed a lecture on world globalization. Issues reviewed included how the west interacts with the rest of the world as it pertains to world transportation and cargo, as well as our carbon footprint.

The weather today continued to be rainy and the seas were still rough. Many folks stayed in their cabins, as they felt a bit seasick. Those who ventured out and about the ship staggered along as if they had had too much to drink.

In the afternoon Kent went to the gym and the sauna while Mark took a watercolor painting class where everyone in class painted a windmill in an open field.

The evening’s entertainment was the first Broadway-style show by the Rotterdam cast of singers and dancers. The show was called “a la Mode” and was a trip around Europe with a few familiar songs and a few new songs. The cast was good at singing and dancing but it lacked sparkle and was a bit bland.