January 9, 2016 Sea Day

As we headed towards Lisbon, Portugal, the seas were rough and it had been raining on and off throughout the night. Navigating around the ship was difficult as the ship rolled from side to side and you did a little dance trying to keep your balance.

We enjoyed a lecture on the world’s ocean by a guest speaker named Harry Strong. He talked about how the ocean is one large body of water and how trash, chemicals, over fishing, etc., effect the entire ecosystem of the ocean.

The afternoon included a complimentary wine tasting for Mark and a lecture on the history of globalization and economic and political power shifts in the world for Kent. Kent visited the gym and sauna while Mark attended a lecture on the foods and wines of Spain by a chef named Paulette Mitchell.

Dinner this evening was a gala or formal evening where folks wear there nicest dresses, tuxedos or suits. The entertainment was a young man named Ruben Vilagrand from Spain who is a mime, comedian and a magician. He presented a unique magic show without using his voice. He performed traditional rope tricks, vanishing and reappearing wine bottles and a variety of never before seen tricks.