February 1, 2016 Sea Day

Yesterday about 300 passengers disembarked the ship and a new set embarked the ship. One of the passengers who boarded the ship yesterday is a friend of ours, named Gail O’Connor, who worked with Kent in the 80’s at PG&E in San Francisco. After Gail retired she started a travel company called “Sail with Gail.” She booked us on our first cruise to the Western Caribbean in 1996, some 20 years ago. They told us that we have sailed some 6,902 nautical miles since we left Rotterdam. A nautical mile is equal to 1.15 statute miles.

We attended the shore excursion lecture on the upcoming ports in Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand. Kent had his hair cut by Boo-Boo who works in the salon onboard the ship. He now looks fabulous!

The evening’s entertainment was a show by the Rotterdam singers and dancers called “The Midnight Hour”. This was the best of the shows they have performed thus far. The songs were familiar tunes and the show was quick moving and upbeat.