May 24, 2018 London, England

London – Little Venice Boat Cafe

London – Fish and Chips

We spent most of the day relaxing at our hotel as Mark has had a cold for most of our trip and was trying to get some rest to recover from it. Kent went to the pharmacy to pick up some nasal spray and cough drops.  In the afternoon we went out for some fish and chips at a local pub and a walk in a neighborhood near Paddington Station called London’s Venice. They call the area Venice because there is a small man-made canal built between 1810 and 1870 that once carried goods into town but is now in the middle of a quickly developing office district. Office towers are under construction on every corner of this neighborhood. The canal is now lined with beautiful shops and restaurants on the lower floors of the adjoining buildings. The canal itself has many low-lying houseboats lining its shores, many converted to bars and restaurants.  We retired early.