October 15, 2018 – Sea Day

On this sea day we attended a morning lecture by Ian on the upcoming Japanese port of Yokohama. Spencer was cooking up grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup in America’s Test Kitchen. For lunch there was a special Biergarten Festival in the Lido where they served up beer, sausage, roasted pigs, sauerkraut, lots of desserts and other German dishes.

In the afternoon Ian lectured on three upcoming Japanese ports. Guest speaker Michael Hick gave his last lecture on Japan and its economy. Michael said that the future forecast for Japan’s economy is not good. As the population is aging and the birth rate is very low they will have trouble caring for the aging with the small work force. They are so against letting foreigners into the country that they only let about 20 people into the country each year. Of those folks let into the country they need to have a PhD degree, under 40 years of age and an income of more than $350,000. These high standards keep most people out but there appears to be no plan for the future and who will be taking care of the aging population.

The evening’s entertainment was a show by the Amsterdam singers and dancers called Salsamania. The show was a fast-moving energetic show with many upbeat songs and fast dances in a variety of styles from Salsa to Country.