December 12, 2018 – Sea Day

The weather through the night was very bumpy from the large swells in the ocean making for difficult sleeping. The skies were filled with clouds and the winds were blowing. White caps could be seen everywhere.

Jorge hosted his Morning Show with coffee and muffins and he interviewed the comedian, pianist and song writer, Robbie Howard, who had performed several nights earlier. His show was the one that included impersonations of many Las Vegas performers from years gone by.

We attended a Future Cruise Presentation to see if there were any new things we should be aware of when it comes to cruising. Not much new or informative and no particular itinerary that looked appealing to us at the moment.

Hawaiian Cultural Ambassador Kainoa gave a talk on The Polynesian Migration. He discussed how the Hawaiians sailed to this most isolated island group in the world. He talked about what great sea navigators they were and still are today. Some folks believe that the Hawaiians came from southeast Asia while others believe they may have come from South America. Links have been found in both areas making people think they did sail the entire Pacific Ocean.

The afternoon included a lecture by Dr. Joe Kess about 1,000 Words of the Hawaiian Language that we Already Know. This talk discussed how many words are shared from one language to the next. Sometimes the words were translated by sound rather than the written language. Some languages, like Hawaiian, do not allow two consonants together and a word can only end in a vowel so words are often altered to fit the rules of a particular language.

Kainoa hosted a performance by fellow guests who put on a hula and ukulele show after a week of classes by the Hawaiian Ambassadors. There was a large group of participants and both the hula dancers and the ukulele players performed two songs. It was a very short and sweet performance.

The evening’s entertainment was a second show by Robbie Howard the Las Vegas impersonator and comedian. He performed a whole new set of songs.