February 16, 2016 Sea Day

Our clocks were turned forward yet another hour as we travel farther east. This morning location guide, David, gave some history and practical information for our stop in Singapore tomorrow. Guest speaker Brian Stoddart gave his final lecture on Singapore and wrapped up his last six weeks of lectures on the people of the world. We are looking forward to some new speakers in the next segment.

We had lunch in the dining room with Lorraine from England whom we have shared many meals and some shore excursions with. Lorraine is traveling alone and is a retired facial surgeon and is always a lot of fun.

The afternoon included Werner Salinger’s final lecture on globalization. Mark attended the watercolor class and Kent went to the gym and sauna. The evening’s entertainment was a show called Magic Rush, featuring Roman and Svetlana. They are world grand champion dancers who presented a show including dance and magic. We had seen them on a previous cruise.