March 4, 2016 Singapore

This was the end of the round trip Singapore portion of the cruise for many of the passengers. While they may have been disappointed to be leaving, many of us staying on were happy to see them go. Not nearly as many passengers were embarking the ship for the next segment, so it will be easier to find a seat in the Lido for breakfast or in the showroom for a lecture or show. The ship can accommodate about 1,400 passengers but we are told that we only have about 1,000 onboard at this time.

Mark has come down with a bug of some sort so he is not feeling well enough to venture out in the heat and humidity. Kent decided that he would venture ashore for a massage and a visit to the Bugis shopping area.

All aboard time was 4:00pm followed by another mandatory lifeboat drill where they take roll call at your emergency lifeboat. This is our third such drill this cruise. The evening’s entertainment was a woman by the name of Dale Kristien, who stared on Broadway in The Phantom of the Opera with Michael Crawford. She has a remarkable voice and sang some songs from Phantom as well as a variety of other songs.